Norrath News Network | Identity System

I had a good time yesterday working on some art for a couple of good buddies of mine who have started a podcast called the Norrath News Network, a conversational news podcast for the Everquest franchise from Sony Online Games (now Daybreak Game Company.)

N3, is an abbreviation of their longer official name - Norrath News Network.

For this identity, I worked the letterform 'N' using Adobe Illustrator to resemble the edge of a weapon, with a pitted sword blade in mind. Working out the facets and their metallic gradients was especially enjoyable. I used Sanitarium from, always a great resource for these type of heavily thematic brand attributes, for a modern (podcast tech) yet still fantasy-styled (medieval world setting) feel, plus the curving serifs made great sword-like points. I decided to use a warm gold for the color palette so that the mark would pop forward on the cooler toned imagery of the Everquest setting.

Special attention was given to social media, realizing N3 would appear in many smaller profile picture type situations from Facebook to Twitter.

If you're a gamer who loved the old days of Everquest and Everquest II, or are looking forward to the upcoming Everquest Next, you should check these guys out.


2015 | The Lists

The short list is reading, writing, and exercise. But wait, there's more...

What I Want More of in 2015

  • Intentionally Living Simple - Decluttering our home, letting go of distractions, embracing emptiness.
  • The Luxury of my Wife at Home - rather than in the workforce.
  • Financial Stability - in the form of continuing to resolve our debt.
  • Meaningful Time- with my kids while they are still kids. With my wife. Time to create, to exercise.
  • A Fitness Regiment - I will stick to. I'm not getting any younger. Even walking would do.
  • Eating Clean - simple, whole, healthy foods. Less junk.
  • More Kindness - light-heartedness, laughing, and loving. Don't be so rigid and cynical.
  • Reading - more in 2015, other than social media. Real books for my enjoyment.
  • Creative Output - in the form of a completed personal project.

What I Want Less of in 2015

  • Fear - being fearful and upset with things in general. To conquer discontent and conflict with others.
  • Social Media - no more Facebook is a start. It's a distraction I no longer need.
  • Comparing - where I am to where others are.
  • Laziness - Put in the time necessary and work hard when I need to to get the results I desire. I want the fruit without cultivating the soil. It doens't work that way.

What I Let Go of in 2014

  • Cable TV

Projects for 2015!

  • Write Something - that I like and enjoy, not a commercial expectation.
  • Travel - outside of Texas and find an experience worth sharing.
  • Hiking - a long time desire of mine that I have yet to fulfill.
  • Space - Commit to not overloading myself with projects and repurpose that acquired space into family time, experiences abroad, and peaceful, purposeful emptiness.