Coy A. Lothrop
MA/MFA Coordinated Studio Art Candidate
Low Residency | First Semester



01. Statement of Intent
02. Artist Statement (1st Draft)
03. Influences
04. Previous Works
05. Current Work



This semester I intend to continue to develop my technique with oils and explore the use of various sized brushes and other tools, such as palette knives, in order to expand upon my understanding of how paint works and reacts while pursuing the ‘loose but accurate’ style of my previous year’s work. Primarily, I will be working on large, traditional stretched canvas to see how I adapt to and utilize a larger scale than I am use to.

These explorations are stepping stones toward a much more involved body of work incorporating mixed media and interactivity. At this stage, however, I feel that I need to develop my hand and my understanding of the materials before expanding the horizon forward.


A Moment of Levity
My interest in recording our society's individual faces, expressions, and self-expressive decoration continues.

This semester/year my work will ask for a moment of levity. In a climate of news cycles filled with hate, heavy politics, the threat of violence, disaster, and a general lack of humanity, my vision is to fill a room with giant portraits of young people of all genders and nationalities making ridiculous, funny faces. My goal is to affect an audience with a moment of levity. I’d like them to see and explore the silly faces of youth, faces we’ve all made in fun and laughter and in lighter times, and to forget the heaviness of the world for just a second. I’d like them to remember a time before they learned to judge and hate, or to be upset by their Facebook feeds and the media. I’d like them to remember that in all this present heaviness, we have children who just want to make silly faces and be loved, a future worth making a change for.


Our human countenance is a living picture, an ever-shifting reflection of the secret emotions of the heart. In its wonderful diversity of unique features, expressions, and adornments, it is both personal and universal. The delicate shape of a mouth, a forceful connecting gaze, a choice of charming cosmetic enhancement; all are telling, emotional, and communicate a certain truth of our present condition. Although we are alone in our individual identities, we exist in a universal world of common experiences that unite us.

By presenting the viewer with an intimate, yet present-day interpretation of the genre of painted portraiture, I address these emotional truths and attempt to illuminate our shared societal issues. Through the rendering and viewing of the aspect of an individual self, we can feel less alone; connected, loved, and understood, and in essence, we can feel more human.



Matt Talbert
Michele del Campo
Ivana Besevic

Malcolm Liepkie
Michael Carson
Mia Bergeron





Exploring techniques.